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What Makes a Bride Beautiful

It takes a lot to put together your own wedding. By the time I walked onto my wedding stage, I was raging mad with all that had already gone wrong. So basically my wedding videographer did not have any real footage of my entrance. Of course, I knew this. I'd been doing weddings for about 5 years by then. So why did I mess up?

Well I didn't really. I edited my own film so I just had to chop and glue together bits that made more sense, but had I had someone eminding me to lighten my shoulders, I would have had an easier day. (I love writing sentences with "have had". May be that has something to do with nostalgia).

In case you are wondering, this beautiful bride is not me. What makes her beautiful has as much to do with her enjoying the day as it has to do with the romantic sunset and overgrown weed.

Remind yourself to enjoy your day.

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