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What Your Wedding Videographer Should Know

Wedding Films must also be "films". There is no reason for them to not be beautiful, fluid, romantic, fun with a bit of mundane thrown in to the mix. For that to happen, make sure your wedding videographer must know a few things - some that you will have to tell her, and others that she learns of her craft.

1. Movement is Everything

A static still shot will not convey what a moving fluid shot can. Whether the movement is handheld or on a slider or steadycam, there must always be movement. One technique i apply in every single shot is making you, the subject, my anchor point around which the camera moves.

2. Family Matters

Introduce the videographer to all the important family members so they get the maximum screen time possible. It is perfectly normal for your parents and siblings to be stressed out during the entire evening, such that they don't even make it into the wedding videographer's lens. If they have been introduced prior to the beginning of the event, the videographer will make it a point to track them down and get candid as well as set up shots.

3. Details details

We love details - decor details, dress details. Let your videographer know if a certain element of the decor, or a peice of jewellery has sentimental value. You do not want us to miss out on the most important bits. Did I mention details?

4. Portraits

We must know when it is ok to sneak you away for portraits. Your film will be incomplete without them.

5. Music

Although required much later, I like to have a keen sense of a couple's taste in music. It gives me added insight to your personality and relationship. I can use that extra information into creating a film that speaks of you

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