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Pakistan Fashion Week London

There is nothing quite like a fashion week to hurl you out of grief and make a statement. Perhaps I exaggerate. Perhaps, there is no real way of leaping out of grief. It is here to stay, it has changed me in profound ways and it cannot be tucked behind jewels and a well tailored suit. What the suit and jewels however can do, is lift you up on the inside and supply enough ammunition to get through another week.

In May this year, I lost my first born, who lived a short meaninful life of just 8 days. Don't ask my how I am. Ask me how I intend to appear.

His wardrobe remains unopened, his summer vests and winter jackets still hang with a plastic sheet enveloping them.

My wardrobe on the other hand grows and adjusts, to my new size and to the way I now see the world. It has become my silent companion, the friend that puts up a performance to help you fake one. And so, I put on a performance and attended Pakistan Fashion Week London (PFW8 London). Trust me, it wasn't just my dollops of highlighter that felt bright and sparkly after.

Above: My look for the day. Below: Highlights from the show.

Above: The fabulous fashionista and blogger Jowairyya of Dulce Vita by J who invited me to the event.

There were so many looks and styles that I just instantfly fell in love with. While there is no practiality to owning any of the pieces in rainy London, I did sit there enthralled, filming on my iPhone taking in the gleam that was quickly becoming my elixir to feeling giddy and delighted again.

Check out my favourite looks!

Compilation of my favourite looks from yesterday's #pfw8london Loved these pieces. #pakistanfashionweek #pakistanfashionweeklondon #pfw @somalhalepoto #eyegroovelove

A video posted by Areeba Hanif (@reebzh) on Oct 11, 2015 at 8:19am PDT

So that is it. You do what you can with grief.

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