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Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Video

The Big Meet Up Round Up Video (above). See below for the Social Media video.

I volunteered with the GOSH Charity to produce a round up of their Young People's Forum (YPF) Big Meetup day. This was a brilliant day organised entirely by the YPF young people and team of organisers. They had a fantastic line up speaking about their stories, workshops, training, exercises in improving the GOSH experience and a highlight interview with Alex Brooker, renowned TV presenter, comedian who had personal memories of GOSH to share with the audience. The landmark event will now be replicated by YPFs of other hospitals all over the country and will take place annually. Needless to say, GOSH YPF set quite a benchmark.

The Big Meet Up Social Video (below)

My dream of creating for GOSH is rooted in my personal experience at GOSH. The story of my journey of child loss, grief and choosing to live life against all odds will be added in another blogpost soon.

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